Towerstone Team

Established in 1985 as a Lloyds of London coverholder for energy risks, our underwriting relationships were expanded to include domestic energy underwriters when we joined the IMA Financial Group, Inc. in 1998. Through the acquisition of another specialty broker in 2008 we expanded into the construction industry. In 2013 we launched the Environmental Division to leverage our expertise and create a new stand alone Towerstone division. Towerstone is now one of the largest wholesale specialty brokers in the nation with vast expertise in risk transfer products and services for the Energy, Construction , Environmental and related industries.


George Schneller


Brad Gross

Brad Smart

Micah Jaramillo

Mary Roberts

Matthew Cummins

Sharon S. Burger

Chris Scott

Michelle Henretty

Candace Duke

Chris Rohrer

Kim Hansard

Broker Support

Melissa Scott

Amy McCarty

Ashley Endicott

Brittany Dierker

Cindy Patel

Dee Kaminski

Frances Hoffman

Karl Oddy

Kirsten LaBauve

Sara Boucher

Tamika Yelder

Rosie Shrestha

Morgan Whitt

Phyllis DeGray

Jeremy Jones

Paula Hummel

Nolan Briggs


Ron Byrd

Teresa Hamm

Tyler Watson

Steve Schneller

Shannan Kendziorski

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